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Macbeth, Jamie C.: Lee, Michael J.: Kim, Jung Soo: Zhang, Tony Boming: Children who code. [2021]
Elias, Nelly: Lemish, Dafna: Nimrod, Galit: Grandparental mediation of children's digital media use. [2021]
O'Mara, Joanne: Laidlaw, Linda: Wong, Suzanna So Har: Children as architects of their digital worlds. [2021]
Pereira, Sara: Fillol, Joanna: Moura, Pedro: Teen's online and offline lives. How they are experiencing their sociability. [2021]
Lauri, Mary Anne: Farrugia, Lorleen: Identity exploration in anonymous online spaces. [2021]
Balmford, William: Hjorth, Larissa: Richardson, Ingrid: Supervised play. Intimate surveillance and children's mobile media usage. [2021]
Zaman, Bieke: Nouwen, Marije: Van Leeuwen, Karla: Challenging adolescents' autonomy. An affordances perspective on parental tools. [2021]
Holloway, Donell: Mascheroni, Giovanna: Donkin, Ashley: Parenting pedagogies in the marketing of children's apps. [2021]
Sampaio, Ines Vitorino: Maximo, Thinayna: Ponte, Cristina: Being and not being. "Digital tweens" in a hybrid culture. [2021]
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