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Ponizovskiy, Vladimir: Grigoryan, Lusine: Hofmann, Wilhelm: Why is right-wing media consumption associated with lower compliance with Covid-19 measures? [2023]
Beyersmann, Elisabeth: Wegener, Signy: Kemp, Nenagh: That's good news. Semantic congruency effects in emoji processing. [2023]
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van Steen, Tommy: Mueller, Barbara C. N.: Li, Shuang: Loman, Jeroen G. B.: Buijzen, Moniek: Helping on social media. Self-persuasion and question-behavior effects. [2023]
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Meier, Adrian: Krause, Hannes-Vincent: Does passive social media use harm well-being? An adversarial review. [2023]
Carcioppolo, Nick: Lun, Di: MacFarlane, Soroya Julian: Exaggerated and questioning clickbait headlines and their influence on media learning. [2022]
Skowronskie, Marika: Busching, Robert: Krahe, Barbara: Links between exposure to sexualized Instagram images and body image concerns in girls and boys. [2022]
Beyea, David: Van der Heide, Brandon: Ewoldsen, David: Eden, Allison: Meng, Jingbo: Avatar-based self-influence in a traditional CMC environment. [2022]
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